Looking back at lockdown virtual meet-ups

Back in 2020 lockdown came just in time to disrupt our (the South West Wales 16mm Area Group) programme of monthly meet-ups. But with everybody stuck at home – and in their gardens – what else was there to do but work and play trains? Our solution was to keep going with the monthly meet-ups, but to do them online…

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Quick 5 year update

I’m going to try to get back to blogging on here with a new approach.

Apart from the stock boxes post last August (which had actually be sitting in drafts for almost three years) I haven’t posted on here since my last update on Konrad’s cab in August 2018. And while I haven’t actually done much on the cab since then (though I did fit R/C and a whistle) I’ve made lots of progress in other areas, and this is part of the problem: I want to thoroughly document it all chronologically. But I’m never going to get round to doing that, so here’s the new plan…

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