Doctor Who and the Easter of Doom

The Doctor, being a time traveller, is not out of place on any garden railway in any period… indeed, one of the consequences of time travel is that there may be several of them. After I’d printed a John Hurt I discovered the Eaglemoss figurines are 1/21 scale and I picked up a few as they are pretty close to 1/19 scale.

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2023 in garden railway visits…

Looking back over the garden railway year, one particular pleasure has been our South West Wales 16mm Association Area group resuming a substantial programme of garden railway visits after lockdown shifted us online in 2020, and while we had some good meetings in 2021/22 it was only this year we got back to monthly (sometimes even twice monthly) gatherings in each others’ gardens.

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Tunnel mouth silhouette

Sometimes when trains run frequently on the Moel Rhos (usually in the summer months) I’ll leave a train in the tunnel, to save taking it off the tracks, but to give some shelter from any showers in the hours between running sessions. This pictures was taken through the northern tunnel with a train of full gravel tippers, poised to be called back into action.