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Just a little bit of housekeeping for those who follow this blog via social media. I’m dropping X/Twitter but you can follow us in the Fediverse (for example on Mastodon) now.

Since I was last posting regularly the social media landscape has changed considerably. Twitter has been taken over and renamed X, reliability has plummeted, the WordPress automatic posting function blocked, but most importantly moderation rolled back to far it has become the Nazi bar. This will be the last Moel Rhos post on X/Twitter (I’m going to manually post it there). I’ve also stopped using Facebook. I’m not sure if this blog is still auto-posting to Facebook, but if so, when it breaks, that’s it.

So if you want updates to the Moel Rhos blog there are three options, two which have been available for a while.

1. Subscribe by email

Old-school I know, but reliable and pretty universal. Stick your address in the box below and hit subscribe – you’ll get an email whenever there’s a new post.

2. Subscribe by RSS

If you already use an RSS reader (something like Feedly, Newsblur, Inoreader, Netnewswire or Reeder) to keep track of your favourite blogs, you can add Moel Rhos’ RSS feed too.

3. Follow us in the Fediverse

This is the new development – this blog is now on the Fediverse.

What is the Fediverse? A collection of (distributed) social networks where members of one network can follow members of another. Mastodon is perhaps the most well-known software powering these social networks – others include Misskey, Friendica and Firefish. Pixelfed is image-based so if you have an account on a Pixelfed instance you should be able to follow to see any posts here which include an image (which is most of them).

There is also a Moel Rhos video channel on PeerTube which you can follow directly:

I am hoping other garden railways will join the Fediverse and I hope in a future post to be able to suggest some accounts you can follow. If you are posting about your garden railway from a Fediverse account, please reply to this post so I can find you!

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