Doctor Who and the Easter of Doom

The Doctor, being a time traveller, is not out of place on any garden railway in any period… indeed, one of the consequences of time travel is that there may be several of them. After I’d printed a John Hurt I discovered the Eaglemoss figurines are 1/21 scale and I picked up a few as they are pretty close to 1/19 scale.

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Stock Boxes from The Works

When I got my new stock boxes out at a (late 2019) garden railway meet, and explained they were from The Works, one of the other members asked me if I’d got the idea from the current* Garden Rail. In fact I hadn’t read it, but it seemed The Works boxes were all the rage, so in case my approach adds anything to that in Garden Rail I thought I’d better blog about it…

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The Candidates in Steam

Some readers have been a bit reticent to give their opinions on my shortlist of live steam locos! I realised my rather dry summary of the specs might not be enough – I needed to see the locos in action and so do you. Fortunately, there are some rather good videos out there. Please, watch them, and give me your thoughts! Continue reading The Candidates in Steam

The Eastern Ledge

The track will run in front of a dry wall made of old red sandstone – but at this point it is about 200mm above lawn level. I needed to build up a base for it – and, because I like the look of this rough and crumbling wall, I decided to build a low wall between track and lawn in the same manner – creating a ledge along which the railway would run.

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