A 3D printed rabbit riding on a 16mm scale flat wagon

Easter Bunny

A couple of Easters back I realised the line had no Easter Bunny (not counting the scale 4 meter high monsters who visit occasionally) so I downloaded a rabbit from Thingiverse and printed him. Here he is riding in luxury on a Binnie flat wagon…

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Simon Wood

Lecturer in medical education, lapsed mathematician, Doctor Who fan and garden railway builder. See simonwood.info for more...

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny”

    1. @LoneLocust @moelrhos "Ears flapping in the wind" suggests a degree of optimism on speed that Rheilffordd Moel Rhos (and, to be fair, most narrow gauge railways) falls a long way short of.

      Also "first class compartment" suggests optimism about our rolling stock that is not quite borne out by reality. Bunny is lucky there are boards right across the deck of the wagon…

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