Tunnel mouth silhouette

Sometimes when trains run frequently on the Moel Rhos (usually in the summer months) I’ll leave a train in the tunnel, to save taking it off the tracks, but to give some shelter from any showers in the hours between running sessions. This pictures was taken through the northern tunnel with a train of full gravel tippers, poised to be called back into action.

Looking back at lockdown virtual meet-ups

Back in 2020 lockdown came just in time to disrupt our (the South West Wales 16mm Area Group) programme of monthly meet-ups. But with everybody stuck at home – and in their gardens – what else was there to do but work and play trains? Our solution was to keep going with the monthly meet-ups, but to do them online…

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Quick 5 year update

I’m going to try to get back to blogging on here with a new approach.

Apart from the stock boxes post last August (which had actually be sitting in drafts for almost three years) I haven’t posted on here since my last update on Konrad’s cab in August 2018. And while I haven’t actually done much on the cab since then (though I did fit R/C and a whistle) I’ve made lots of progress in other areas, and this is part of the problem: I want to thoroughly document it all chronologically. But I’m never going to get round to doing that, so here’s the new plan…

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Stock Boxes from The Works

When I got my new stock boxes out at a (late 2019) garden railway meet, and explained they were from The Works, one of the other members asked me if I’d got the idea from the current* Garden Rail. In fact I hadn’t read it, but it seemed The Works boxes were all the rage, so in case my approach adds anything to that in Garden Rail I thought I’d better blog about it…

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