Get Chuffed

I’d already bought some bling to accessorise my Millie, but the first real upgrade required some surgery: fitting a chuff pipe to get that chuffing sound.

So, bravely overcoming my natural squeamishness, I removed the Millie’s smokebox, got at the hacksaw, and set to…

P1190279.jpgThe original exhaust pipes needed to be cut back.

P1190280.jpgThe chuff pipe is a push fit. But it wouldn’t fit! More filing needed…

P1190281.jpgEventually I realised the exhaust pipes probably weren’t meant to push all the way in. I had filed enough.

Nervously I steamed up. When I opened the regulator – nothing! What had I done? Well, probably, I’d opened the regulator too soon – a minute later, she began to chuff away…

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Simon Wood

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10 thoughts on “Get Chuffed”

    1. Thank you!

      I’ve met some very keen engineers – I’m definitely only just beginning. But I used a lathe for the first time, last week! (Whistle works…)

      Look forward to showing you live steam… er… live.

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